Redemption of the half-blood prince, chapter four
 I have so much more understanding of those authors who favor an all-knowing Harry.  It must be so much easier when your narrator understands every nuance of everyone around him!  And I apologize for the delay...but we should be back to a more regular schedule for a bit.  This chapter is dedicated to blamebrampton, in whose honor it was reworked in order to stiffen everyone's upper lips quite a bit.  I hope it worked.

And now, I will again attempt the magical lj cut...oh dear.  That could have been more successful.  Perhaps now?  I think that's better.



Redemption of the half-blood prince, chapter three
This work of fanfiction is intended as tribute only.  If I owned Harry Potter & co...well let's just say I would be spending my time a bit differently and leave it at that, shall we?

Warnings:  AU (canon compliant through DH excepting epilogue), time-travel
Pairing:  H/?

The Redemption of the Half-Blood Prince, chapter threeCollapse )

Redemption of the half-blood prince, chapter two
I spent far too much time trying to cut and paste with the lj cut to write much here.  Why do you hate me so, lj cut?   I generally dislike enormous authorial posturing anyway.  However...a previously neglected Warning:  This story is set immediately following DH and disregards the epilogue.  Also:  time travel.  Pairing:  Harry/?  And I say ? not to keep you in suspense but because I don't know an ultimate pairing yet.  I will say:  not Ginny.

Obviously I neither own nor profit from Harry Potter.  If I did, I suspect my marriage would be at risk (from the Harry owning rather than the profiting)...

Redemption of the Half-Blood Prince, chapter twoCollapse )


redemption of the half-blood prince, chapter one
It is perhaps clear that I don't know what I'm doing when posting, and I don't have a beta.  Certainly I own none of Ms. Rowling's wonderful characters, and I play with their stories only in tribute, with nary a whiff of a profit to be seen.  Nevertheless, I hope you may enjoy this bit of fanfiction as well as I do.
p.s.  Better see the prologue first.
Redemption of the Half-Blood Prince, chapter one

Redemption of the Half-Blood Prince, chapter oneCollapse )

Redemption of the half-blood prince, prologue (abandoned, guys--if it wasn't obvious. sorry sorry!)
Here's your wand.  Thanks for the loan.

I cannot believe you returned my wand by owl post, you uncouth git.  However, it seems to have come through undamaged.  Thank you.

As much as it pains me to say so, I owe you a life debt--which I should like to discharge as soon as possible.  The resources of House Malfoy are at your disposal.
D. Malfoy

Don't worry about it.  I don't need anything.
p.s.  If you like, you can come help at Hogwarts.  Lots to do before 1 September.

Do you not understand the concept of "house arrest"?


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